Individual Therapy
Once you call and we set up our first session, we will meet individually for weekly or bi weekly sessions.  During these sessions you will have my undivided attention to talk about you.  This is one of the best gifts you can give yourself.  You can bring up recent struggles, past events, and future goals.  All is relevant in therapy.  The process is not linear, but progress is possible!
Clinical Supervision
Are you looking for clinical supervision because your agency doesn't provide this?  Are you in private practice and needing some as needed supervision support?  I have worked for many years as a clinical supervisor.  I can provide a space of empathy and validation, while pushing you to consider transference, counter transference and ethical dilemmas.  I have received glowing feedback from supervisees and absolutely love supervising!

Case Management
Are you struggling with finding a therapist for your family members, or figuring next steps for testing for your child?  Are you finding the systems of finding helping professionals to be daunting? I have many years of working within different systems.  Schedule one or two meetings with me so that I can gather resources for you and your family.  Let me support you tangibly during overwhelming times.