• Robyn Isman, LICSW

Real life example: Parenting and regulating

I am going to share my own experience regulating emotions, in this example as a parent. Parenting can be sensory overload all the time and therefore requires me to regulate myself pretty much constantly. This is not a complaint, just a reality. We just had a really fun couple of days as a family. That being said there were about 3,457 moments where I had to take deep breaths, calm my tone, and return my focus to the point of being together. My ~4 year old likes to walk slow when we’re in a rush, asks for 5 billion desserts, and yells poopy in all the most undesirable times. So she’s pretty much normal. I found myself needing to breathe before I responded and reminding myself that this day was about enjoyment of the moment. Enjoying our community, our friends, and each other. It takes a lot of work, but can feel very worth it!

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