• Robyn Isman, LICSW

Team Work Makes the (Mental Health) Dream Work!

You don’t have to do this alone * * My dear friend, @glow_mama_b and I were discussing that to succeed in mental health, a supportive team can be life changing. * * Potential squad members: * * A therapist - the purpose is to ideally have a safe, unbiased place to reflect on patterns that aren’t serving you, building boundary muscles, practicing healthy communication, experiencing a trusting relationship and more. A person to KNOW you in a way we can’t be known in the context of our every day life. * * Support people - Something I hear sometimes is that people don’t need therapists if they have good friends or family. I feel pretty strongly there is a need for both. A therapist is there during 1-2 scheduled sessions a week and sometimes can be reached during a crisis. Support people are on hand more regularly. Sometimes these are lifelong friends, sometimes this is a workout community, sometimes it is a therapeutic peer group, sometimes these are colleagues in the same field. Who can to call when your worries start to spike? Who can you text when getting out of bed feels hard? Even if your people are a bunch of singular people who are your people. Support people are our cheerleaders. * * A prescriber - medication can be an appropriate and helpful tool when necessary. You might be in a situation where the fog is so dense, and the days are so bad that you need a tool to help you access your insight and allow you to take that one step forward. There is no shame in that. When considering medication, speak to a professional. These can be Psych Nurse Practitioners, Psychiatrists, and the conversation can start with your PCP or your therapist if you already have one. * * Specific for fellow therapists: * * A peer consult group. When starting private practice, my initial feeling was isolation. This can lead to a lot of self-doubt, imposter syndrome, or general uncertainty. Creating a network of therapists, including a peer consult group has made all the difference. My quality of work is sound and my fulfillment is higher. * * Who did I miss? Who is on your team? How did you find them? Let’s share the wealth!!

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