SPACE Treatment

Supportive Parenting for Anxious

Childhood Emotions

“It’s the best and most helpful class on anxiety I’ve ever been to because I could see it work and have Robyn to meet with and answer questions as we went along.

Robyn’s support made all the difference in my being able to implement this kind of therapy.”

I am running an educational version of my SPACE (Supporting Parents with Anxious Childhood Emotions) group through the JCC Boston! Feel free to sign up if you’d like education on this model, without fully diving into therapy. You can ask questions here or message me privately.

The group starts Next week 1/18 and is running for 6 weeks, no class 2/22.

Thursdays 12-1pm EST


For more information about SPACE, reach out and schedule a phone call with me!

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What is SPACE?

Space, Supportive Parenting for Anxious Childhood Emotions , is the only evidence-based intervention made solely for caregivers of children who experience anxiety and related challenges. Developed at Yale University’s Child Study Center, SPACE has been shown to be as efficacious as individual cognitive-behavioral therapy (CBT) in treating child anxiety disorders and OCD.

What is special about SPACE vs regular therapy or CBT?

SPACE is unique in that the treatment is delivered only to parents, without the need for child participation. This format can be a great option if the anxious child is unwilling or unable to participate in teletherapy, or as a compliment to individual CBT or Exposure and Response Prevention the child is already receiving.

What age should my child be so SPACE is effective?

SPACE is shown to work with parents of children of all ages.  SPACE is focused on parental behavior and can support parents at every stage of parenting.

What is the expected out come of participating in SPACE treatment?

Through SPACE, parents will learn about their role in supporting their anxious child and concrete strategies to respond effectively to their child’s anxious behaviors. Parents will work collaboratively with the therapists to develop a clear plan to take small, gradual steps in reducing accommodation (things they do or don’t do because of their child’s anxiety). The result is a child who can better self-regulate and cope with anxiety independently.

For SPACE treatment, what is the commitment?

SPACE tends to take an average of 10 weeks to implement.

How much participation is necessary?

Full participation is necessary to get the best results and every week holds so much information!

Is this group only for parents, or are other caregivers welcome? Do both parents need to attend?

All caregivers that are with the child can utilize this group.  It is helpful if it is the same caregiver due to consistency, but if necessary an alternative caregiver can step in to a group.

It is always helpful to have both parents to ensure being on the same page, but we know that is not always possible.  If necessary one parent can attend.  

Can I submit for insurance reimbursement?

You will have to check with your insurance if they are able to reimburse you.  I will do my best on my end to help with this.

Could my child listen in?

No, it is important your child is not listening in, though we will be working on how to inform your child of what you are learning! So this is not a secret, but helpful for you take in the information without the child listening.

When in group format, is it a support group? How much do I have to share or listen to other parents venting?

Groups create an atmosphere of sharing and empathizing, which can be very helpful.  That being said, this is not a support group or a venting only session.  I am going to be educating the group on anxiety and ways parents accommodate anxiety in a way that is unhelpful. We will identify specific tools to use and use a framework that has proven results!

Is there homework/worksheets?

Yes, there is homework for every week of SPACE.  Not specifically worksheets, but assignments we will review and practice before you take home the work to do on your own.

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