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I specialize in the treatment of anxiety and depression, while also supporting people with OCD, self-esteem struggles, parenting concerns, and more.


I use the frameworks of CBT, ACT, Polyvagal therapy and DBT to inform my practice.  My specialty in anxiety work developed by learning from Lynn Lyons, anxiety guru! I see clients ages 12 and up.


I am direct, experienced, and warm. Clients have called me comforting, relatable, and funny! I provide collaborative, concrete tools that improve relationships and day-to-day challenges.

I have been many clients’ first therapist, so please do not hesitate to reach out and see if we could be a good fit.

*I see clients via teletherapy, with a select few cases being seen in person in my office in Needham, MA.  This is based on the risk assessment and the needs of each person.  Additionally, I am a licensed social worker in MA, NH, ME, CT, and NY.


*Please note I do not take insurance. My fee is $240 for intake and $215 for sessions.  I am able to provide a receipt to get reimbursed by your insurance potentially. It is the client’s responsibility to communicate with your insurance and your behavioral health reimbursement policies.


Other Clinical Services Offered

  • Clinical Supervision

I offer supervision to LCSW and LICSW who do not have clinical supervision within their places of employment and would like a safe space to consult on cases and grow deeper in their clinical skills.


  • Mental Health Consults

Sometimes we know something worrisome is going on in our family or ourselves, but we aren’t sure of the correct next steps.  I have helped many people brainstorm the right path even when not taking them on as full-time clients.  This might mean helping you determine your own mental health next steps or the next steps for your child or family member.  This also may include navigating the school systems to know how to access the best support and care for your child. If this sounds like it could be helpful and grounding, please reach out!



Needham, MA